Once you have combined all the steps and are confident, then the process of trying to time and stimulating a real ICSI environment must begin. In this scenario, the injections of oocytes should commence in this order. First, it should be degenerated eggs followed by unfertilized or M1s or GVs. The latter may not indicate fertilization, but we can just check if they survive the injection process. This should be followed by giving two or three oocytes to inject from a patient exhibiting good quality oocytes and sperms.

This should be followed by a progressive increase in a number of eggs with a corresponding increase in the level of difficulty. (say to TESA/PESA cases) Here, you will actually get exposed to different types and varieties of mature oocytes you have to handle. This should culminate in giving half the oocytes of the patient and then the whole patient under monitoring or supervision. A documentation of recording the fate of every mature egg injected (fertilization or degeneration) and the technique applied (smooth or rough) together will ensure in giving confidence in absorbing the said embryologist in routine ICSI procedures in the fertility clinic.



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